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Are you moving? Recently divorced? Avoiding foreclosure? Tired of being a landlord? Just inherited a house?

No matter what your situation is or what your house looks like, I can buy your home for cash! If you need to sell your house in Rochester, NY quickly, I can help you find a simple solution. No expensive realtors or repairs needed!

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Our Sales Process

We all know what it feels like to be put under pressure. I get sales calls daily on my phone, and I can’t say that I enjoy them. As much as I appreciate the enthusiasm from some of the sales reps, I still feel uncomfortable having to say no over and over. This is exactly what we don’t want. We use a soft approach, and we offer value at a certain price. We don’t buy every home. If it doesn’t work out - no worries - at least we know we put best foot forward.

Establishing expectations and removing any pressure is extremely important to us, click the link and we’ll show you how effortless and easy it is to walk through our sales process.

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Get cash for your home, no matter what your situation:

You want to sell your home “as is”

The cost of homeownership is often overwhelming and unmanageable. If you are in need of help, do not hesitate to contact me. I love to buy homes as is, regardless of how costly some necessary repairs might be.

Contact me for a quick and easy solution. The process is simpler than you may think, so give me a call today!

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You want to avoid foreclosure

If you are facing foreclosure in the Rochester area, please consider the following consequences that result in allowing the bank to foreclose your home:

  • Complete loss of property

  • Filing for bankruptcy

  • Having to hire a lawyer

  • Poor credit rating

Filing for bankruptcy will only delay the loss of your home, and there is still the possibility that your home will be sold at auction. Give me a call, and I can provide you with an option to avoid the possibility of losing your home and destroying your credit, which makes obtaining loans nearly impossible, as well as finding suitable housing for your needs.

So avoid the hassle, worry, and headache; I buy homes “as is” and guarantee a fair market offer, while paying cash and ensuring a quick close!