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What Others Say…

All, around a huge success story!!!! A true professional, good communication, someone that can take the weight off your shoulders, its incredible!!! There are not many people out there like this!!

Stephanie Was Blown Away By Her Experience And How Helpful Our Process Is!!

It’s important to us that the homeowners we work with have a great experience. In the end, we’re not happy if we’re not able to provide you with the solution you want. So, check out what others have said about us. Here are just a few snippets of what other people we’ve worked with have said.

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What Patrick Has to Say About His Experience with Brett!!

“Our most recent Win-Win!!!”

George couldn't be happier!

“We all Win!!!”

This guy, this is the guy, call Brett!! – Patrick Maloney

Thank you Pat for trusting me to help with the sale of your home!!!

“Purpose is the place where you’re deep gladness meets the world’s needs”

Check out what these sellers have to say about their experience!!!
We Love working with amazing sellers!!!! We are super blessed to find our way to each other, where we can both walk away with a win-win with huge smiles on our faces!!!

Brett and his team were wonderful! I had a marital home that I shared with my ex husband that was going into foreclosure. I was unaware of the foreclosure until I tried to purchase a car. I was very upset because I have been divorced from my ex husband for almost 7 years and he needed to refinance the home but never did. He then began to let the home go into default on the mortgage. I didn’t know what else to do. I search online and found Brett. When I first met Brett and his team something about them just made me feel like they were going to help me and not get discouraged from the situation that I had with my ex husband. I explained everything to Brett in regards to what I was going through and he told me not to worry. The process took almost 7 months but Brett and his team continue to be patient and keep working to help me. Since the day that I started the short sale process with Brett he has kept his word!!!! I don’t know what I would have done without Brett and his team. I tried two other realtors and everyone was afraid of my situation that I had with my ex husband. But not Brett and his team!!! They stuck it out and now my martial home that I shared with my ex husband is SOLD!!!!! Thank you Brett, Warner, and Debbie!!!! You all are so AWESOME!!!! My year is starting out WONDERFUL!!!! You guys keep up the good work!!!! God bless you all!!!

-Lakeview Park, Arlita Murray

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“…Brett Buys Roc Houses gets my highest recommendation.”

“Brett purchased a home from my grandmother. I was very concerned that she might end up with someone trying to scam her. After talking with Brett a few times I could tell he was someone who’s word could be trusted. My instincts did not disappoint me. He was very communicative. There were a few times we had to work through some issue, and he was very reasonable and solutions oriented. For anyone looking to sell a house quickly and simply, Brett Buys Roc Houses gets my highest recommendation.”

“Definitely would recommend.”

“Brett is an amazing person and finds the best opportunities for his clients! Definitely would recommend.”

- Nikki Love

“…he returns calls and emails promptly, and always follows through on what he says he’s going to do.”

“As a Realtor, Brett and I have had the pleasure of doing business together for over 10 years. Brett goes above and beyond. He works hard and always goes a step above the rest. He is an effective communicator. Best of all, he returns calls and emails promptly, and always follows through on what he says he’s going to do. It is a breath of fresh air to work with an investor like Brett who doesn’t just see dollar signs, but someone who truly wants to help all parties involved get a fair and acceptable outcome. I look forward to working with Brett in the future, and feel confident referring him to my friends and family.”

- Michelle Caracci, Realtor Howard Hanna with the Steve Wrobbel Team

“…very honest and hardworking…”

“I’ve known Brett for some time now and have always found him to be a very honest and hardworking person! Brett is great at putting a deal together where all parties win, I would not hesitate to refer Brett to a friend or family member that could use his help, I know he will be fair with them!”

- Scott Speer, Real Estate Investor

“…great to work with!”

“Brett, has been great to work with! A great Real Estate mind here in Rochester!”

- Jared Daun

“I would recommend anyone…”

“Thank you for helping us and even though we found a different solution you were very helpful and warm welcoming. I would recommend anyone thank you so much 😊😊”

- Tanitra Holmes

“…very helpful…”

Very very helpful across the board!”

- Matthew Roselli


“Brett is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

- J Barrington Nelson

“He explained and addressed all of my concerns.”

“I can’t thank Brett Iwanowicz enough for all his help in selling my rental. He was very professional , honest and it was more like working with a friend. He explained and addressed all of my concerns. I had checked out other buyers but none measured up to Brett. He offered a more than reasonable price. I feel comfortable with my decision and would suggest him to all those looking for just the right person to buy your home! Thank you Brett for all your patience , kindness, compassion and understanding and helping me through this process .”

- Marilyn Newcomb

“Brett was so compassionate…”

“Mom had made a promise that she would one day get us out of the projects and in 1972 she kept her promise. We were so happy and excited when she purchased our first home. My Grandmother and the two nieces took the upstairs apartment and we lived downstairs. Coming from the south where they pumped water and used the outhouse this was a giant step up for them; it was a beautiful neighborhood. I remember the street always smelled like fresh Italian bread because of the bakery across the street from us, a giant step up from the projects.

Mom raised all 5 of her children and nieces until we finished high school and went off to different colleges. All of my siblings are successful and live in different States around the country. I have three children that all have moved into the house with their children. Mom has great grand kids that have moved into the house. My brother’s daughters have moved into the house, throughout the years.

We have so many good and sad memories, one of them includes mom just turning 87 years old. The house has become too much for her to keep up and we began exploring options to sell the house. A Bishop from the church down the street expressed interest in purchasing the home which became a very big disappointment for mom. He disappeared without saying a word.

We prayed over it daily Mom held onto her Faith that God was gonna make a way. God made away when Brett Iwanowicz sent mom a letter saying that he is interested in purchasing her home. HALLELUJAH!!! God answers prayers. Brett was so compassionate and spiritual when I first spoke with him. I knew right away that he was a man of God. Now she has a closing date and is packing up. I have never seen my mom so excited about moving on to the next phase of the journey. I will recommend Brett to anybody who is looking to sell their home. Thank you Brett for helping my mom. In Jesus name. AMEN”

- Andrew Tripp Jr, son of Eva Mae Tripp