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About Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC

Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC is a real estate solutions company based out of Rochester.  We’re a family-owned small business focusing on helping homeowners like you find solutions when considering selling your home.  We can help with bank/tax foreclosures, paying off tax liens, or maybe you want to avoid traditional listings that often require money for repairs, high commission, and a lot of time. 

When we work with a seller we form a partnership! We lock arms until closing, we have the persistence and grit to work on problems many other home buyers walk away from!    

We are looking forward to partnering with you on the sale of your home!

Brett Iwanowicz Profile Picture

Brett Iwanowicz | Owner and Home Buying Specialist

Brett loves all things real estate and he matches that love with his desire to help others pursue their goals and realize their dreams, in and out of real estate. 

Real estate has opened so many doors in his personal life and it gives him the opportunity to help people who are unaware there are good people who want to see them put their best foot forward.

Brett loves fishing and spending time with his dog, King. He has a passion for making new friends across the globe when he travels. One of his favorite trips was a mission trip to Guatemala.

Listing vs. Selling To Us

Which route is quicker? Puts more cash in your pocket? Has less hassle?

Click the link to compare working with a home buyer like myself, or listing traditionally with an agent!

Because of your help, a % of our proceeds funds a program near and dear to my heart!
This is one way I get to give back!! **shot and edited by Brett : )

Dylan Saxon| Sales Specialist

Hi my name is Dylan, I was born and raised right here in Rochester and have an extreme passion for helping people in our community; I have been doing so in the form of real estate for about 5 years now. I am happily married to my wife emma we have been together for just about 10 years. We have had 3 amazing boys since we got married 5 years ago Mason, Caden and Grant. As a family we like spending out free time at one of our two camps. If we aren’t doing that we are finding cool new places to travel with the kids.

Victoria Carrales | Lead Manager
My name is Victoria Carrales, born and raised in South Texas and most recently an Austin, TX native. After 12 years there, I have relocated to Rochester, NY to be close to loved ones. In my free time, you can find me trying a new restaurant around town, or at a concert. By joining this team, I look forward to learning all things real estate investing and hopefully buying my very first property in 2024!

Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC Core Values


By definition the meaning of integrity is the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles; moral uprightness.  We operate with the utmost integrity, both in and out of business. We educate, tell the truth, most importantly we serve others, meaning we have to solve problems first to get what we want.


We value communication to the utmost level, a good communicator is someone who actually speaks little, but when he does he asks questions.  A good communicator will prevail in any situation with the information he/she needs to be successful. 


Success is not a big event that occurs, its baby steps taken every day. We believe persistence is the key to unlocking our potential. Show up daily, create key habits each day and you will eventually reach your goals!! 

Continuous Learning:

Without mentors, coaches, books and podcasts I would not be here today. We encourage, and promote continued education in life, finance, personal development to unlock our full potential to be the best version of ourselves.

Action taker

If Information was the key to success we would all be wealthy, happy, we would have what we want. The key is to take that information and use it, put it to work, put it into action. 


We are committed to offering the best service possible to our prospects, we are committed to the team, to our goals,  to our education to grow together, and make an impact on this world! 

Get Your Fair Cash Offer: Start Below!

We buy houses in Rochester, New York as-is! There are no commissions, no fees, and no obligation whatsoever when you sell your house to us. Start below by giving us some information about your property or call 585-299-9709 to get cash for your house...
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How We Work With Homeowners

If you have any questions about how we work, what the process is or having us help you avoid foreclosure, or just want to learn more about us… don’t hesitate to contact us anytime!

Call Brett Buys Roc Houses LLC Today!

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