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In this video I share another win win, working with a seller in Rochester, Ny. This seller reached out, and left a message with my office for me to give him a call, I reached back out the same day and had a conversation which felt like it was with someone I already knew. Comet o find out this seller had been following me on Facebook for some time, he knew I was a real person, and that I work hard to serve others, we even joked around on our first call. I walked him through the process, which if your wondering what that looks like, you can check that out here, https://www.brettbuysrochouses.com/ho… I met the seller out at the home, walked the property, sat down at the table and made sure I didn’t miss anything important to the seller, making an offer is the easy part, but finding out things that may prevent a sale may take some time to figure out. We discussed numbers, I put an offer together and we signed a contract at the table!! Keep in mind that I am just one option, I may not even be the best, if the timing is off or the numbers don’t work, that’s okay, I can’t buy every home, BUT I will always put my best foot forward. Give me a call today, 585.299.9709!!!