Things to consider when pricing a house with deferred repairs on the MLS.

Today were talking about the costs, and what we look for when pricing a home with years of deferred maintenance, is in need of major renovations and has been sitting on the MLS with no action. Originally this property was listed for $89,000, we watched and watched and watched the price drop, and made a reasonable offer, considering the disrepair the home was in.

What is Wholesaling?? Things to consider when working with a buyer.

Today were talking about wholesaling, if you're a homeowner we want to share some things to consider. We're consumers lets face it, were sold all the time, and just like buying a new set of tires, we should always take the time to research and find the best model that our budget allows, and if we spend some time looking, we may find a pretty good deal on a used set of tires.