Need to sell your home fast?

If the idea of selling your home is stressing you out, there's a simple solution; you can sell your home without a realtor! 

I buy homes in Rochester, NY for cash; no matter what your situation is or what your house looks like. Whether you're a landlord with tenants, a home owner, or just inherited a house, I'll work with you to come up with a fast, easy solution for your real estate dilemma.

Working with a Realtor

If you decide to list your home with a realtor,
consider the following:

Working with Brett

The Brett Buys Roc Houses difference:
FHA and Government loans require inspections in which they will deny funding or ask owners to make repairs. Property is purchased “as is.” That means no work will be required to sell your home!
Repairs are often needed to be made prior to listing on the MLS. NONE
Buyers often requires repairs to be made upon home inspection, costing thousands of dollars. NONE
The cost of a real estate transaction is 6% of the sale price. NONE
Owner pays closing costs. NONE, we pay closing costs!
Multiple showing often are often needed to sell distressed homes. This is a major inconvenience to homeowners. Quick closing!
From start to finish closing can take 5-8 months. Closing date can be scheduled at your convenience.
Buyer financing is not 100% guaranteed. Buyer can walk away with little to no repercussion. We are certified cash buyers with the BBB.
Sale is often subject to a bank appraisal. No appraisal needed. We pay cash.