You’ve inherited a property

You just inherited a home: now what? The simple answer may be to sell, but the process isn’t always so easy because...

  • also inherit the taxes, repair bills, and routine maintenance that come with home ownership.

  • ...inheritances often involve siblings.

  • now own a time capsule - shag rugs and all - dating back to the 70’s.

  •'re also responsible for the furniture and items remaining in the home.

When selling your home traditionally, your realtor may require you to take care of all the hard work including routine maintenance, furnace inspection, landscaping, gutter cleaning, and painting, just to name a few. They may ask you to hire a contractor to renovate your kitchen and bathroom(s).

This process can be time consuming and expensive in itself. Finding a reliable contractor with a reasonable price can take time, and scheduling your project could take weeks, or even months. In addition to your renovation expenses, thousands of dollars will be paid in commissions to sell your home with a realtor.

But did you know you can sell your home “as is” without all the hassle? 

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