Cash for Homes Craze!

Flickr:  romana klee

Flickr: romana klee

What do I mean by the "cash for homes craze"? I think we can all agree, as we drive through the city, it’s common to drive past a number of brightly-colored "cash for homes" signs stapled up at major intersections and scattered throughout the city.

Many of the signs share the same message: cash for homes, others claim they can finance anyone as a rent to own, and from time to time l find signs that pay referral fees, up to $250.00. (If we are on the topic of referrals, I will pay $500-$1000.00 for leads that close!) I have always been fascinated with marketing and psychology, and as I read these signs, I always feel a sense of disconnect.

Consumers tend to make irrational decisions when emotions run high, and with the number of signs posted throughout the city, the same questions trouble me; Who is this buyer? What is their intent? Do they really care about the homeowner, or are they just trying to make a quick buck? There is no name associated with the phone number, no face, and no website. As a consumer, this troubles me. Maybe it’s a faith-based reaction, or the idea of community and what it stands for. 

Or maybe it's my own company's mission to find ways to add value to people's lives. Whatever the reason, my goal - first and foremost - is to identify the problem, educate homeowners, and provide solutions. There is a reason my business has my name on it; because it stands for something. Honesty, integrity, and community are values I'm extremely passionate about.

If you’re a homeowner who is highly motivated to sell, the next time you meet with a potential buyer, I encourage you to pay close attention to their words. Are they just offering you cash, or are they actually listening to you? Are they taking the time to understand you and your situation? Are they educating you, and are they providing a solution that's in your best interest?

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